Friday, October 7

New Release this Spring

 Tulbaghia 'Dark Star'

Tulbaghia Border Stars are grass-like hardy perennials with a clumping habit. There are several varieties in the collection and the two new releases ' Milky Way' and 'Dark Star' that have caught our eye this spring.

'Dark Star'
This variety features mauve-pink tubular flowers that are a deeper shade in the centre of each flower. Its buds also have a good depth of colour. 'Dark Star' grows and flowers well in both dry and boggy conditions. It blooms for many months from early spring and is at its best during warmer weather.

 Tulbaghia 'Milky Way'

'Milky Way'
Developed in-house by  PGA, this beautiful addition to the Border Stars™ range has been chosen for its hardiness and reliability under difficult conditions. It tolerates both dry and wet conditions and produces masses of soft pink, tubular, star-shaped flowers on tall, slender stems over a long period from early spring.
Images and text(altered slightly) by PGA

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