Tuesday, April 30

Olive Herb

Olive herb a great alternative to fresh olives.

Olive Herb is a cold hardy perennial with an intense olive aroma. Use in salads and Mediterranean meals especially when you don't have fresh olives on hand.

Available at Serenity Nursery.

Sweets for my Sweet...

Stevia Plant at Serenity Nursery Now.
 Pop into Serenity Nursery and you will find an array of wonderful and hard to find herbs.
Stevia is part of our advanced cut and cook range, this means you can plant it now and enjoy the rewards straight away. Stevia is a natural way to sweeten food and drinks without the calories of sugar. It's also great to bake with ( see the Oasis apple muffin recipe below).
This herb will enjoy full sun/ part shade and will grow to about 70cm tall. Great for pots or a spot in the garden.

Lovely Apple muffin recipe using stevia here

Saturday, April 6

Friday, April 5

Interesting ways with cacti & succulents...

Bright lolli pop cacti give this planter bowl wow factor.
Plant a variety of cacti in a low dish. Choose brightly coloured grafted cacti like the "lolli pop" type shown here. We have a great mix of cacti & succulents including cacti in pink, yellow, purple and orange in the garden centre for around $6 ea.
Place your display in a well lit room in the house, patio or veranda.

I thought this was a great idea to plant succulents in the crevice of each step. The green life really does soften the hard edges and creates an interesting visual display.
Happy Gardening Krystal xx