Sunday, August 28

Get Ready to Garden

Here are some snaps from our garden centre today. We have new ladies goat skin leather gardening gloves and a deluxe new gardeners hand care range to inspire you into the garden. Our azaleas are in full bloom and looking fantastic.

Friday, August 26

Pretty Petunia Time

Petunia Avalanche in white

It's that time of year again, time to plant petunias. If your annuals are looking spent and tied it might be a good time to replace them with fresh new seasons petunias.
Petunias Avalanche are a cascading or spreading petunia which produce a mass flowers throughout the warmer months. They are perfect for retaining wall plantings and hanging baskets as the flowers spill over the edges creating drama. Petunia Avalanche are also an excellent bedding and border plant.

Getting Dirty with Milton

Set to air just in time for spring is an exciting new gardening show "Getting Dirty with Milton". It will be hosted by South Australian garden expert Milton Vadoulis. Milton has such a enthusiasm for gardening and has been in the industry for over 30 years. There are lots of gardening tips and he will take you through some of SA's best gardens.
 So don't forget to watch the very first episode Wednesday 31st August at 8pm on Chanel 44. We were lucky enough to watch a preview at the launch night this week and it's a fantastic show,
 with a few laughs too.

Thursday, August 25

Foliage Effects

In now is a great selection of foliage plants including Euphorbia "Silver Swan". It's a great little water wise plant that does not need to be pruned. Creamy flowers are produced late winter through to spring. It looks great mixed with other foliage plants such as red nadinas and variegated dianella  grasses.

Eternal Fragrance Daphne

There is a new daphne out now called daphne 'Eternal Fragrance'. This particular form of daphne is sun and heat tolerant and will not scorch like old fashioned daphnes. It is compact growing to a height of 60cm. It makes an excellent low border and is great in a pot. Best of all it has an incredible fragrance we all know and love. Instore now.

Tuesday, August 23

Textural Elements

Sedum 'Purple blog' is a fab purple hued plant that grows as a mounding ground cover. drama can be created when the plant is grown in a pot or over a retainer wall as it will spill over the edges. Texture and colour can be added to rockeries, gravel areas and dry spots in the garden. Sedum 'Purple blob' is a succulent making it an extremely water wise plant.

Monday, August 22

Buddha Bum Candles

About Buddha Bum

Arrived on our doorstep today is lovely new range of high quality candles by Buddha Bum. Everyone is oohing and aahing over the divine fragrances which include Lemon grass, Rose, Sweet pea, Fig & Melon,
 Sweet vanilla and Guava. 
Each candle has been hand poured in Melbourne and uses the highest quality certified organic soy wax. Soy wax is Eco-friendly and biodegradable and burns up to 50% longer than some other wax types making them better value. Our large size will burn for 70 hours. Come in and experience it for yourself.

Sunday, August 21

Prince of the Garden

Heleborus (Hellebore) 'Ivory Prince' is an elegant plant for the home garden. They are an easy to grow, vigorous perennial and look fabulous planted en mass under trees. Hellebore's flower through winter offering a flowering solution a shady spot in the garden. They are perfect planted under frangapani trees, when the tree has dropped it's leaves the under planting give an excellent effect. They also look great planted as a border and potted.  Available now at our nursery.

Tuesday, August 16

Garden Jewels

We have just had an exciting delivery of succulent arrive including the magnificent blue chalk sticks plant (pictured above). Succulents are ideal for hot dry spots in the garden and look fantastic in pots. If you have existing potted plants under a veranda or out in the garden you can plant succulents around the base of the plant to add colour and texture and conceal exposed soil. The succulents will spread and act like a mulch in a way keeping the soil below cool.

The "chalk sticks" look fab planted around the base of frangapanis. Just be sure to team your succulents with plants that require similar water requirements.

Berry Good for You

Well you all may have noticed that every time you see blueberries in the supermarkets they are very expensive, this is because blueberries have extremely delicate skin and can only be hand-picked from the bush, machines would damage them thus making them a labour intensive fruit to grow. Why not grow your own. Blueberries require an acidic soil so if your soil is too alkaline simply grow your blueberries in a container and use an acidic potting mix.

We have a great range of blueberries and acidic potting mix in store now.

image via bathwater

Saturday, August 13

..3..2..1 Blast Off

With Spring just around the corner it is the perfect time to give your garden a 'blast'.

Neutrogs Rocket fuel is a certified organic pelletised fertiliser ideal for your entire garden. Rocket fuel has been specially formulated to help you grow healthy organic fruit

and veggies. Skip in today and grab some, your garden will thank you for it.

Image via

The Modern Garden Shed

This suburban garage has been modified to fit a potting area/ garden shed. Everything a gardener needs is in arms reach. Tin buckets conceal fertilisers & potting mixes. The generous sized ceramic sink and potting area makes an ideal spot for flower arranging.

image via country

Dreamy Garden Wedding

The September issue of Vogue showcases the wedding of Super model Kate Moss. Her beautiful 1920's inspired garden wedding is so dreamy. It reminds me of sunny Spring days, Spring flowers and making the most of spending time in the garden.

image via pretty stuff

Thursday, August 11

Purple Craze

What a talking point at the dinner table..purple carrots! but did you know that purple carrots have been in existence long before orange carrots and have been used for various purposes dating back to 2000bc. Purple carrots actually have more beta carotene than orange carrots so you can enjoy the health benefits along with it being a bit of a novelty.

Serenity Nursery have the seeds available now. See you in the nursery soon.

Wednesday, August 10

In the Nursery Today

The staff at Serenity Nursery have been busy beatifying the show room. We love our natural green and white display highlighting our unique woven patio furniture.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Out Living

Natural recycled timber tables, stools and woven chairs teamed with stylish garden wares set the scene for living outdoors this spring.

Image Via Serenity Nursery

Warm up with Hot Reds

Come in and see our new dispays of outdoor furniture. We have made a statement with this seasons hot colour RED!

Black & silver foliage and our new black water features are on dislplay now.

Images via Serenity Nursery

Monday, August 1

Have fun in the sun!

Paint an outdoor feature wall, then match cushions, pots and even plants in the same colour to make an outdoor space pop.

Be adventurist and paint props like an old chair in a bright colour to add to your garden. For a quirky touch paint terracotta pots in your favourite hue and plant up with different herbs or flowers. An old wrought iron bed can make a beautiful outdoor daybed, and scour markets for old treasures to add to the mix.

Glamour Garden

3 ways to a glamourous garden
The last couple of days have been so sunny and warm and it's a great chance to spend some time outdoors. Give your outdoor room or garden a luxe feel with a few accessories like white washed lanterns, scrumptious cushions and even a chandelier.