Sunday, June 9

Roses with meaning

"Firestar" is an award winning rose. The first rose to represent the CFA.
Firestar Rose- The first in the series.
We fell in love with the first 'Firestar' rose (pictured above) and planted a whole heap on our property in Murray Bridge. It's performs really well and the flowers change colour constantly.

"Phoenix" is the second rose in the "Firestar Series"- The official rose of the CFA.

About Phoenix Rose- New 2013
Phoenix Rose is a new release rose for 2013. It follows the first in the series 'Firestar'. Phoenix is a very fragrant shrub rose growing to 140cm. Pink petals meet a yellow orange hue reminiscent of early morning sunrise. Phoenix is a hardy rose that will tolerate Australia's harsh conditions. It is another great symbol  that conveys a sense of solace and quiet beauty, and embodied both a sense of hope and renewal, and the energy of re-generation.
Phoenix Rose is in store now!

Proceeds of these two roses go to the CFA. Image via The Age


Thursday, June 6

Grow This:

Pierre de Ronsard is one of the worlds favourite roses. This pretty climbing rose was inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 2006. It's a wonderful rose to grow over an archway or to cover a not so pretty fence.

Growing Tip: Plant climbing roses in winter when they are dormant and at their hardiest. Prepare the soil with Richgro Rose Marvel. Use a seaweed solution such as Seagold to help establish the roots of the rose and condition the soil.

Images via Manon 21

Monday, June 3

Hey Girl: Part 1

Huge Ryan Gosling fan, what can I say...
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