Tuesday, October 28

The stylists garden:

We rave about this climbing rose a lot and here it appears on the blog yet again. Pierre de Ronsard is one of the most beautiful cupped shaped roses with a mix of cream and pink petals. We took a sneak peak into the courtyard of stylist Monica Wills. A vintage gate panel has been re purposed into a wall art/ trellis and the climbing rose graces it perfectly.

Monday, October 27

She sells seashells by the sea shore

Drift wood tables and clear, white and pastel blue gift ware.

Lot's of hand made shell decorations.

Explore the wagon shed for an affordable yet stylish gift.

Tuesday, October 21

On the Mauve

Find purple fashion, purple hand painted cow bells and mauve throw rugs at Serenity Nursery now.

Pictured here: An espaliered Amethyst falls wisteria, standard lavender and statice all featured in our lovely café style pots.
Look out for these purple flowering plants now:
Statice, lavender, climbing wisteria, polygalas, echium, petunias,
 spreading bacopa and spreading calibrachoa.

What's in the old wagon shed?

Timber dice stool/ coffee table. Aluminium and timber coffee rest and hand made throws.

Rust garden sculptures, heuchera plants and phormiums ( NZ flax)

Hand made gifts, Multi coloured floor rugs and faux cacti.

New Summer fashion and necklaces. Rope dogs and crafty handbags made from fabric and leather.

Trendy folding stools.

The old wagon shed full of on trend goodies.