Monday, January 31

Grow your own Bananas

Bananas require a full sun position for most of the day. A position close to a north facing wall is ideal this will create a micro-climate. Work the soil deeply over an area of about one square metre, incorporating lots of well-rotted compost or very old animal manure. After planting water thoroughly, apply a thick mulch to the worked area, keeping it away from contact with the stem of the plant. Cool Climate bananas are heavy feeders and as the plant grows apply fertiliser every six weeks.
Come in store to see our range of bananas.

Image via Humphris Nursery

The Spice Boys Basil

Variety is the spice of life and this collection of culinary basil's will delight
 gardeners and cooks alike.
The Spice Boys Basil is a mix of different basil's with pungent flavours, colours and foliage.
Each punnet can contain Arart, cinnamon, dark opal, Greek and purple delight.

Image via Serious Eats

Saturday, January 29

Get Dirty!

Top up mulch around everything in the garden. It will help keep the roots cool and keep moisture where it is needed. Don't forget to mulch your pot plants too.

Rustic Charm

 Topiary conifers planted in rustic pots make a gorgeous feature for entrance ways.

Beautiful Borders

A Bali garden I found on my travels.
There are some wonderful landscaped gardens in Bali. Dianella grasses are one species I noticed growing in abundance and they look great planted as a border . We stock a very similar native grass Dianella "Wyeena" . It is one of the hardiest variegated dianellas for tolerating frost, cold and dry weather. They require little maintenance and look great most of the year.
We also have a variegated mondo grass
 " Bali Stripe" It has finer foliage than the dianella and would be more suited to a shadier spot rather than full sun. Mondo grass "Bali Stripe" makes an attractive specimen or border plant.  

Image via serenity Nursery

Clip it!

The idea of having smooth topiary balls and mini manicured hedges combined with the texture of low growing grass looks so interesting. A grass such as Dianella "Little rev" or Lomandra " Seascape" both in blue shades would work well with English Box to imitate this idea.

Image Via Pretty Things

Saturday, January 1

Thai Resort Inspiration


We stayed here at Montra in Ko Samui Thailand. These photos capture
 the texture and earthiness of the gardens.
 I was so inspired by the way they plant in large bowls and place pebbles around the gardens.
I hope this inspires you too. Below I have given some ideas how you can acheive this look in your own garden. Happy gardening. Krystal xx

Stone pots or planters make beautiful water features.

Love the swing chairs under the pergola.

Large Format pavers + pebbles looks great.

The key here is combining different hard surfaces. Extra large pavers, slate, pebbles combined together adds lots of interest.

Images via Serenity Nursery

Textured Earthy Pots

I can not help but realise outdoor pot trends are shifting to more natural looking finishes. These cornerstone pots have a volcanic rock finish which will contrast nicely with lush green foliage...You will be holidaying at home in your resort style garden in no time.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Swing Chair

Get Montas look with this ultra comfortable swing chair. I would love a couple of these in my garden.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Aromatic Foliage and Flowers

Murraya Paniculata is a fantastic plant that produces fragrant creamy white flowers. Murrayas are ideal to hedge and can be kept to 1m or lower. Available from $9.99 for a 140mm pot.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Its not a Thai garden without a Thai buddha

Add a Thai buddha to your garden for an eastern feel. These buddha faces have a wonderful stone texture that will fit in with a resort style garden.
Large $229 Small $179

Interesting Foliage Plants

For a tropical style garden add plants with variegated or interesting foliage such as this stunning ficus. 
Ficus are ideal in pots in a patio or under a pergola area.
Available in store now.

Feature Pot

Create drama in the garden with an oversized decorative pot. We have imported this terracotta pot from Indonesia. It features cut-out work and a frangapani motif. Perfect for a tropical style garden.

Bird of Paridise Strelitzia Nicolai

Alot of people know the popular bird of Paradise with the purple and orange flowers. I have seen alot of large esstablished ones that grow to about 2m tall. This one is called Strelitzia reginae.  
One of my favourite Strelitzias are the Strelitzia Nicolai this bird of Paradise has a growth habit more like a palm and can grow up to 6m. The cream and blue flowers stunning (pictured here).
Available in a 20cm Pot for $29.99ea

Large Volcanic Pebbles

I love these large volcanic pebbles. They are very natural and look really nice scattered around pots and plants in the garden.
 Volcanic pebbles availble in 20kg bag for $29.95