Saturday, October 1

New Product

Yates Confidor Tablets Garden Insecticide protects roses, azaleas, lillypillies, palms, magnolias and eucalypt trees against significant damage caused by aphids, azalea lace bug, psyllids, mealybugs and scale.
Confidor is systemically taken up from the tablet via the plant roots to control insect pests. The nutrients in the tablet assist uptake of Confidor by the roots and enhance plant growth.


  • Systemic insecticide
  • Provides extended protection against insect pests in ornamental plants
  • Easy to use – No spraying or mixing
  • Provides months of protection
  • Contains added fertiliser to help plant growth
Text & Images-

Pictured here is an Australian Lilly Pilly showing signs of Psyllids, a tiny sap sucking insect. These insects can cause a dimpled effect on foliage. It is sometimes difficult to control psyllids and we suggest using Yates Confidor Insecticide Tablets.
Better still select a lilly pilly form that is Psyllid Free.

Pictured here is an indoor plant covered in Mealybug. Mealybug appear like white cotton wool tucked in plant crevesis or along the stems and leaves. This can be a common occurance on indoor potted plants and palms. The Yates confidor tablets would be ideal to pushed into the pot plant or used at planting time. The tablet would last upto 6 months. What a great idea- no spraying required.

Tip: Give your potted indoor plants a break from the indoors, place them outdoors for a couple of days every month or so to give them fresh air. Indoor plants in a well ventilated area will be less prone to pests such as meallybug.

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