Wednesday, October 30

Creative Christmas...

This Christmas wreath is so easy to make at home with material from around the house.  Start with two wire coat hangers and cut off the hook part on both of them using wire cutters. Twist two of the ends together and bend the Wire into a circle. Cut hessian strips about 4cm x 30cm.

Thread the wire through the hessian folding the hessian back and forth as you go.

Keep threading until all the wire is covered.
Once all hessian is threaded on twist the remaining ends of wire together.
( Cute dog to help optional)
I finished my wreath off with a wooden heart from Serenity Nursery. I used organza ribbon to hang the wreath from my mirror. There are lots of beautiful Christmas decorations to choose from at Serenity Nursery. Use them in Christmas craft or to decorate your Christmas tree.

Friday, October 4

A visit to Mum and Dad's garden...

 Have a look at Mum and Dad's garden (Above). Well this is just one section of the garden that they have worked on over the last couple of years. I really like what they have done with a simple metal arbour from our garden centre. They painted the arbour black along with this solid wrought iron urn. Mum and Dad chose a wisteria to cover the arbour. The purple and black is an unexpected combination and actually looks quite striking. The vigorous wisteria climber flowers during the warmer months and in winter sheds it's leave to reveal a woven bare vine.
A variety of deciduous trees surround the arbour and a large lawn area. What an excellent spot for a private get together.

Wisteria Amethyst Falls
What's this? Wisteria Amethyst Falls. It is an American variety of wisteria that is a well behaved variety, not as invasive and more compact then the Asian varieties more commonly grown.
Masses of deep lilac coloured flowers are produced on shorter than usual racemes giving a fuller effect. Flowering begins in spring with repeat flushes throughout summer. Can be trained to climb posts or trellis or in the garden bed can be left to trail over retaining walls, rockeries or embankments.
Available now.