Wednesday, June 13

The Perfect Pear

One of my favourite pears to eat is the Beurre Bosc . It has a lovely tan brown skin, with a firm yet juicy flesh. It teams well with soft french style cheese. Sometimes I will slice it up, smoother it with honey and bake it, then it can be enjoyed with yogurt as a dessert or stirred through risotto.
But the best way I like to enjoy it is this recipe:

Pear and Parmesan salad.
What you need:
1-2 Beurre Bosc pears
Baby Rocket leaves-You decide how much!
Freshly shaved Parmesan-use lots if you love it.
White balsamic vinegar*- to your taste.

Make it:
Place the baby rocket leaves in a bowl. Slice up pears and toss through rocket.  Drizzle or spray with White balsamic vinegar and massage it into the pear and rocket really well.
Sprinkle some shaved Parmesan on top.
--It is a perfect side to a main meal.

* Select an Italian made White Balsamic Vinigar from a gaurmet shop if you can.

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