Saturday, June 30

It's time to grow Rhubarb

Rhubarb. Every vegie patch should have one!

Rhubarb is a perennial vegtable that can be grown in sun or part shade. It may be known as an old fahioned vegtable but it is easy to grow and makes the most wonderful sweet crumbles and desserts.

 If you want to grow rhubarb winter is an ideal time as the rhubarb crowns are available bare-root in the garden centre. Start by preparing the garden bed with some compost and blood and bone. If you live in an area where the temperature has extreamly hot and cold weather dig the rhubarb crown in a little deeper about 5cm below the surface of  the soil. If your temperature is mild all year round the crown can be covered with about 1cm of soil. As the plant grows feed with powerfeed or thrive.
 Leave your rhubarb plant undisturbed for the first few years to allow the clumps to establish.
After 2-3 years the rhubarb crown can be dug up in winter and divided and replanted.

Tip: The leaves of the plant are poisonis so never eat them.
Sprinkle a little slug and snail pellets around the plant in spring and summer.
Rhubarb can be grown in pots.

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