Saturday, March 2

Project with Pots..& faux plants...

So I've got the day off and finally have a few minutes up my sleeve to create this little project. I love indoor plants, and there are many available that are suited to low light conditions but this time I want to use artificial succulents in an arrangement. The style of pots are endless at Serenity Nursery from modern shiny ones to rustic metal. I have chosen heavy paper mache pots. I decided to group a cluster of artificial succulents for a natural/ earthy look.
I have used oasis to help hold the plants in place. there are two main types of oasis. The silver gritty foam type which is used in artificial arrangements ( see pic here)  and the green soft foam that holds water and living plants in place.

I have simply cut the oasis to fit snug into the pot and then begin to push the succulents into place. It's nice to combine different plant textures like the broad leaf and spiky type.

It comes together very quickly.

I love this faux greenery available in the gift shop. It's so handy for so many projects. I cut it up and push it in between the succulents to help hide the oasis. It looks real and natural.

I'm tucking the fine greenery in here. No need to glue down as it has wire fibres in it that help wrap it around the secure plants.

I love the finished pot displays. Great for those " Hard to Grow" spots in the house.

The display makes a cute little addition to my kitchen, well i think so.
Krystal xx

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