Monday, November 26

Gardens for Horses...

First of all we designed the garden in the nursery by teaming different plants around the ball sculptures. Some of the plants we used included dark purple cannas, silver foliage succulents, yellow banana split yuccas, dark foliage blazed dianellas and flap jack succulents. We then watered them well, spayed the foliage with a heat protectant and loaded them onto the truck for the journey to Adelaide.

Man Power. Lucky my Hubby and Dad were here to do all of the heavy lifting. Here you can see the horse jumps in the background.

We discussed with the officials where the display could be positioned. With water pipes below, a camera crew and leaping horses, we couldn't be complacent about the positioning.

I position the plants...the fun part. I just love designing gardens and love the contrast between different foliage's. The soft grey foliage of the frosty top lomandra combines
 well with the structured succulents.

 A couple of cranes in the centre makes the display near complete.

I really liked this part of the display. We used English box at varying heights around the obelisk and placed a topiary cone box in the centre.

Finally all of the plants were covered in mulch. Over the 3 days the canna lillies flowered and it was great to see the beautiful horses galloping around our display.

What an incredible opportunity we were given to supply plants for the International 3 day horse event held on the edge of Adelaide city at Rymill park. We were also offered an area of the track to design and install a garden. We used our unique teak garden balls and teak obelisk and installed plants around them for an eye catching display. Our display was set right amongst the horse jumps and was was greatly appreciated by visitors to the park.

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