Monday, October 1

A day with family in a topiary courtyard...

This is my aunty and uncle's courtyard topiary garden in the eastern suburbs. I wanted to show what you can do with a small space and achieve a practical low maintenance garden. I must say we had a great bbq lunch here and sat by the Mexican chiminea (note: this same authentic chiminea is available @ serenity nursery).
The courtyard is basically a potted garden, the only thing planted in the ground is a massive old fig tree that shades and envelopes the courtyard. Buxus box and lilly pillys form conical shapes in the assortment of terracotta pots for a Tuscan touch.

A terracotta bowl filled with cascading lobelia casually sits on a teak folding chair. A couple of  hand spun tall round pots by South Australian company Bennett's Pottery are a long lasting terracotta product that won't fret and are perfectly teamed with  lilly pilly cone topiary. Parsley is potted for use in the kitchen near by.

My Aunty snapped up this old iron table and chair set from a chuck-out near by. It was white and rusted but once given a sand back and a lick of black paint it came up as good as new. It really adds character to the garden.

A perfect place to relax: Teak furniture and a sandstone outdoor dining table make this a great spot to chill out with family. Check out the cream provincial urns on the dining table- A gift from us at Serenity!


The English box topiaries have flourished with new spring growth bringing splashes of
 green to the courtyard. 

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  1. Hi this looks great i am considering landscaping my front yard using box topiary however i am finding it had to find established topiary any suggestions?