Saturday, September 1

It's in the Stars..

                                   1. Daphne Odora, Fragrant star shaped flowers.

Tulbaghia (Society Garlic)- Grass-like foliage with purple or pink star-shaped flowers.

Chinese Star Jasmin (trachelospermum jasminoides). Climbing plant with fragrant white star flowers.

On this beautiful Spring Day here in Murray Bridge I thought I would share with you my favourite Spring flowering star shaped flowers.

Daphne Odora is one of the most fragrant flowers around and will fragrance the air profusely. It features clusters of star-shaped flowers in white/pink.  Daphne  odora will grow well in a pot or in the garden. Choose a spot out of the afternoon sun and plant in a well draining soil. Daphne odora will  grow to approx 1 m tall and it is ideal planted near an entertaining area to appreciate its delightful perfume.

Tulbaghia (Society Garlic)- This low growing plant has many uses in the garden. It looks fantastic as a garden border plant and can look equally as good in a pot. Society garlic will flower in the shade making it the perfect companion plant for daphne odora. It will also grow well in a sunny position.

Chinese Star Jasmin (trachelospermum jasminoides). One of the prettiest climbers around. This climber will grow over archways or cover a fence. It's great if you want to soften the look of hard architectural lines in your garden. The star-shaped flowers  are a pretty take on the common jasmin climber.

All available in the nursery now.

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