Saturday, May 7

Grow your own Spuds

We have a big range of potato seeds instore now. From creamy mashing varieties, the best potatoes to roast and superb varieties to make your own chips and wedges. You have to try growing your own , they are alot tastier than the store bought ones.

How To:
Potatoes grow in a wide range of soils, the ideal being sandy with a high humus content ( Try our Groganic Soil Improver which is rich in humus). They require nitrogen so it is important to add manure and garden compost to the soil before planting. New shoots will appear in 2-3 weeks and require mounding to encourage formation of the new tubers. It also ensures they are not exposed to the sun. Straw mulch can be used to achieve this mounding and also to assist water retention. Lift potatoes when vines wilt and begin to die. Leave freshly dug tubers in the sun for a day to prevent bruising. Store spores in the dark in cool temperatures.

Serenity Nursery's Top Tip: Once potatoes start growing use Sugar Cane Mulch to build and cover ppotatoes. Too much fertiliser reduces the crop's flavour. It's better to give them mulch than food.

Plant: 10cm deep 30cm apart in full sun.
Harvest: 16-18 weeks

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